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Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any oils that may have been applied, prior to application.

Round off the ends of the tape, with sharp scissors. This reduces the chance of peeling.

Peel off backing paper carefully. Do not touch the adhesive surface once the backing has been removed.

The ends of the tape act as "anchors" on the skin and should not be stretched. Taking care not to distort the tape, firmly press the first 5-7 cm of one end onto the skin. Then stretch the next section over the area to be treated, leaving the last 5-7cm at the other end, to be pressed firmly in place, again without stretching. See diagram below.

ToroPro tape application diagram

After application, rub the surface of the tape firmly with the palm of your hand, to warm and activate the glue. This ensures the tape adheres properly to the skin. 

The tape is most effective if applied at least 60 minutes before exercise, in order to allow enough time for the glue to activate and fully adhere before you start moving dynamically, sweating or getting wet.

Specific Instructions


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Ankle Poster
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General Taping Instructions
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